Passenger Elevator
Intelligent control--Safe Effective Prompt & convenient
  • Military industry level double 32 digits master control system platform

  • Rational arrangement of intellectual group supervision (optional)

  • Energy feedback technology (Optional)

energy-saving &environment- protection

Top technology safety guarantee

SMR passenger elevator
Delfar SMR elevator applies the leading permanent magnet synchronous technology in the elevator industry with energy-saving and environment protection, outstanding drive properties. It saves the building space and cost. It provides high space value elevator solutions for high-rise residential bulidings, office buildings, hotels, office, schools and various public places.
  • The area of the machine room is consistent with that of the shaft. Effectively save machine room's area.

  • The starting current of the main engine is small, the transmission is efficient  and energy saving, the cost of the elevator is decreased for daily use.

  • Change the traditional machine room's fixed mode, update flexibly, replace easily.

MRL passenger elevator
Delfar MRL elevator is low energy consumption- based. It fully considers building space's utilization rate and cost. Using compact layout and flexible design style and cleverly integrating all kinds of buildings, it is the first choice for modern individualized buildings.
  • Put ultra-thin traction machine in shaft side wall ,the controller inside the top floor, save the machine room area,architectural space and cost, leave room for the architect.

  • It applies super thin traction machine. It is flexibly installed in the well. It adapts to installation in various building environments.

  • Being equipped with green drive and energy conservation devices, energy conservation has reached 30%.