Bed Elevator
A beautiful human-oriented world

Delfar series bed elevator with full consideration of specific environment of hospitals, adopting worldwide cutting-edge modularized computer control technology, have formed high integrated VVVF serial communication control system, which provides smooth starting, braking and running, and more comfortable feeling for patients. Multiple safety property design can effectively reduce the probability of accidents and guarantee the safety of patients with movement difficulties.

Stretcher elevator

It satisfies the needs of emergency patients'delivery. It applies human-centered design and is equipped with a full set of top equipments. It is smooth and comfortable in running. It has bright and broad car. It not only has ordinary passenger-transport functions, furthermore, it can contain stretch. Meanwhile, it is convenient for the people to carry large furniture,

Safe and convenient custom-made Delfar stretcher elevator

Delfar stretcher elevator has been specially designed for your building. It applies high strength section materials to produce the elevator cars. It can bear various kinds of heavy stretchers. It safely delivers the patients goods. It effectively protects the security of both the people and the goods.