Observation Elevator
Cozy, relaxing and human-centered details
  • Infrared light curtain technology

  • UCMP

  • Protection system prevents from clamping any passengers

  • Door-lock protection device

  • Elevator running over-speed protection system

Energy-saving leads a new urban life.

Permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine

Application of environment-friendly materials

Excellent properties

  • Low noise, natural and peaceful travel.

  • It saves over 40% energy than that of ordinary technology.

  • It needs no grease renewal without oil stain pollution.

Excellent science and technology

It applies the advanced VVVF variable voltage, variable frequency control technology to the elevator door machine system. It ensures the smooth and peaceful opening / closing of the elevator door. It enhances the sensitivity of the elevator door opening / closing, automatically adjusts the most proper opening / closing speed for each floor. It thus guarantees the secure and reliable operation.

If any passenger is trapped in the elevator due to sudden power failure, the device automatically converts to emergency running. Through battery power, the elevator makes the elevator level to the nearest floor and automatically opens the door. It then releases the trapped passengers.