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Advanced technology
Comfortable experience

Permanent magnet synchronous  gearless traction machine, Full-computer intelligent control system, 220V energy- saving new appliance, Stable travel up and down,carry comfortable to home, Green power.

Improve operation experience, Improve passenger comfort, Steel belt detection device.

Internet + elevator high- end brand

Industrial upgrading

Delfar Elevator leads industrial grading of traditional elevator, rebuilds new industrial shape with development of Internet information technology,promoting the deep integration of internet and traditional elevator industry.

Overturn brand

Delfar Elevator will comprehensively implements “Internet +" operation strategy at home and abroad. It overturns brand recognition in the market, providing you with safer, more efficient and comfortable elevator riding experience.

Car frame type structure home elevator

It is called the fifth generation' s elevator internationally, two tracks of cars are located on two sides of the cars. Stresses of cars' two sides are balanced, hence there is nealy no noise of tracks' friction. It is more stable during operation. You will feel perfectly comfortable. In addition, the life length of the elevator is longer.

Characteristics of car frame type structure:

Because two rails are located on both sides of the car, it is like two people lifting a sedan. The force on both sides of the car is even and the operation is more stable, which is beneficial to extend the service life of the elevator.

Backpack L shape type structure home elevator

The backpack L shape type structure home elevator is just like the student's backpack, the counterweight and the car guide rail are located on the same side of the car, and this type has less requirements to the shaft.

Characteristics of backpack L shape type structure:

The backpack L shape type structure home elevator is mainly for narrow and deep wells in the house. At the same time, this structure is also the best choice for 90 degree adjacent car door.

Steel belt type home elevator

Delfar home elevator brings the development of vertical transport elevator into a new stage through more energy-saving, environment-friendly and durable composite steel belt, as well as multiple leading international technologies such as effectively energy-saving machine, variable frequency door machine, safe and reliable light curtain door protection device and etc.

Compared with the traditional wire rope:

  • 1. Polyurethane (PU) material layer without lubrication.

  • 2. Its life is two or three times higher than that of traditional wire rope.

  • 3. It is more flexible. It increases the contact areas with drive wheel.

Drum type home elevator

It is used to maximize the utilization ratio of the well without counterweight, and solve the problem that other types of machines can not complete the design due to the small well path.

The main engine adopts a new generation of forced driving synchronous machine, which is energy-saving and environment-friendly with low noise. Thus overhead height, pit depth and shaft utilization ratio are made fullest use of.