Freight Elevator
Technical strength

Delfar series freight elevator takes the lead in introducing the ten leading control and drive technology in the industry and builds a reliable delivery systems, which ensures that the elevator can provide satisfactory service efficiently and stably under heavy transportation.

  • Control cabinet

  • AC asynchronous geared traction machine

  • Permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine

  • Light curtain protection

  • Top grade door operator system

SMR freight elevator

Delfar freight elevator series optimizes the designs. It brings about the bright and spacious car, economical and practical goods elevator. Therefore the goods are prompt and convenient in transport. It has the advantageous features such as safety, reliability, smooth operation, large loading capacity etc. It can always satisfy the customers' requirements in different uses and environments such as the factory, warehouse, shopping center, supermarket and library etc. It is your best goods transport tool.

MRL freight elevator

It arouses infinite possibilities. Machine roomless is more powerful than the elevator with machine room.

The performance and technical advantages

  • It applies synchronous traction machine with little energy consumption. It increases the running efficiency. It is free from any oil stain pollution.

  • It applies fully closed loop VVVF drive system to ensure the smooth and comfortable elevator starting, running and stopping.

  • Transport range: 1600kg- 3000kg, it can satisfy different requirements from vast clients.

Dumbwaiter elevator

Dumbwaiter series provides small freight elevators in various buildings with prompt, convenient, economical vertical transport. It greatly saves time and labor resources. It shows a beautiful environment.
The products are widely applicable for drink and food, dining ware, daily commodities, money, document, medicine, goods, books, instrument,correspondence etc. in the hotel, restaurant, residence, bank, office building, hospital, shopping center, factory, library, laboratory, postal department and so on

  • Slideway with the novel design

  • Rich specification model